Landed Property Ltd is a registered Real Estate Professional Company and its mission is to provide the services to the highest degree of professionalism and standard to our customers, It recognizes its clients¡¯ time constraints while assisting them in the process of Valuing, Managing, buying and selling their home. It listens to its clients¡¯ needs and desires, guides them on reaching their goals, and keeps their best interests in mind while being fair and ethical to all involved parties. Landed Property Ltd has a team of staffs who are always been passionate about helping and working with others. they believes in education and continually keep themselves up to date with all the changes in the real estate market and the trends that affect the local and national real estate market, while passing along all of this information to Landed Property Clients.


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    Landed property Ltd has an office in Amyi’s house, Gacuriro, KG 12 Ave Kigali,Rwanda

FOUNDER / CEO/ Managing director

  • Name    Mr. Jean Claude Tuyishime
  • Qualification       BSc. in Estate Management and Valuation/ Certified Valuer
  • Registered in Institute of real property Valuers in Rwanda No of Registration: RC/IRPV/131/2016